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I finished a Arducopter that includes landing gear with a one axis camera mount.  The one small servo that controls the pitch of the camera platform chatters.  The camera (gopro) therefore visably shakes also.  Did I use the wrong type of servo?  I think it is a digital, but do not know why it has to chatter.   Thanks.

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  • Maybe the Xbee kit should be sold with a longer cable ??

  •  very good advice.  I was remiss in not mentioning that the problem occured while the ESC were off and I do not have an active Xbee.  I will start though with adding chokes and work my way through the list.  It is kind of you both to respond.

  • Are you using an XBee for telemetry? Most servo chattering problems that I have had are due to interference from the XBee.


    You can easily tell if this is problem by either unplugging the XBee or just holding the airborne xbee antenna with your fingers. The chattering should immediately stop.


    Things that have worked for me include

    - Move the XBee as far from your radio gear, servos and APM as you can.

    - Try different brands of servos if you can. The stock cheapies in my ST Discovery plane had bad chatttering issues with XBee, but replacing with Hobby King 9g metal gears (which were still pretty cheap) fixed the problem

    - Try shielding or filtering and playing around with where the servo cables go, as mentioned.





  • Could be RFI from other parts of the system. (Your radio, which you didn't mention, the ESCs while in flight...)  Start hunting! Does it chatter while not in flight? If you have other types of servo, you could quickly try plugging them in and see if more than the one servo you use end up chattering. Whether or not they do, you could then try chokes on the servo lead, or shielding and filtering, or altering the placement of wires or components.

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