Setting RTL Flight Speed?

Flying a hex w. APM 2.5/ublox, FW 2.9.1, MP 1.2.35: I want to turn down the flight speed when RTL is invoked. I thought there was a specific parameter for that earlier but now I can't find it in any of the parameter lists. Does  WP_SPEED_MAX perhaps work with RTL or?? Thanks for any guidance!

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  • Yes I changed the WP_SPEED_MAX to 250 and LAND SPEED to 40 and now it comes back slower and doesn't scare me when it flies back to home.

  • T3
    I've not had much success using speed controls with my auto flights. I use the speed control on the standard parameter screen, the one that all use to set PIMs. Look at the bottom right for way point speed controls.
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Aug 25