Setting Up a Mission with a Takeoff and a Landing sequence for use in a Plane


I am at the stage where my plane is well tuned and I want to begin experimenting with Takeoff and Landing sequences. I can't find any good descriptions of how these commands should be setup for use with a plane.

Could someone please post a sample mission file with an explanation of how the commands work, including any variables I might need to consider.

Currently I'm using Arduplane v2.74b and have the most recent Mission Planner v1.2.78.


Nathaniel ~KD2DEY

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1. Take off => make normal wp by clicking in planner, then change type to TAKEOFF (or use "add below" button) as a first WP, the add next WP's. In takeoff type WP you have 2 parameters: one is pitch (I am using 10-15 degree) and alti - my is 75m). In advanced parameters you have also set of takeoff's parameters: acc, speed, delay, - my (for catapult) is acc=1, others = 0 (for handlaunch - acc=1.5, delay=0,2 sec)

2. Landing - after last normal wp - plane should be in landing direction. Make normal wp with alt=approx 10m at the beginning of runway (or few meters before its start), then next one after several meters with alt=1-2m, then "add below" wp type LAND (no additional params). In adv parameters menu you have 3 params for landing: time, alt and pitch - time (my is 3 sec) = time to stop engine before reaching land point, alt (my is 3m) is alt for stop motor, pitch - (my is 8 deg) is pitch of the plane after motor is stoppled and plane is flying as a glider . Alt and time params for landing are used on "first-to-come" basis.


Thanks for the explanation! It helped a-lot. I think I will make a few takeoff/landings and analyze my manual control then try to emulate that in a sample mission.

Perhaps as early as this week sometime, thanks again!

Nathaniel ~KD2DEY

I noticed that my plane isn't slowing down to land. I have an airspeed sensor. It cuts the throttle and maintains cruise speed until touchdown which makes for a fast rather hard landing. Someone told me to try do_change_speed buy I'm not sure how best to utilize it. Not sure if it requires a dummy waypoint, or the best place to insert it. If you don't have an airspeed sensor then it will use the flare pitch parameter which should slow the plane down to approach speed.

I tried do_change_speed and it didn't work to slow down the plane for landing. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Here is the video. See the end for the balked landing approach.

Here is my flight plan. I realize that the plane never really got down to the lide path, but it is really puzzling why it would add throttle on the base leg when it was high.

Did I use do_change_speed correctly at WP 15?

I'll keep trying different things until I can get a reliable autoland, but any advice would be raetly appreciated.



Taking a look at the Arduplane wiki parameters here. It states for LAND_PITCH_CD "Used in autoland for planes without airspeed sensors". I have an airspeed sensor, so do I leave this parameter alone if I have an airspeed sensor? If so then do I also leave LAND_FLARE_ALT and LAND_FLARE_SEC alone as well since they both reference LAND_PITCH_CD in their use?


Nathaniel ~KD2DEY

Do anyone have the takeoff and landing python scripts?code for pixhawk?

kindly share it to

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