Hello all, why is that? i just wanted to hover to test vibrations from my new camera setup, but when decided to land, the quad mantained the motor spinning despite my 0 throtle input... then flipped and ruined two bearings in 2 of my motors :(( when it finally stopeed....

Only mode used was stabilize, APM2, 2.7 firm, quad X, radio well configured , flied all modes ok...


some other strange behaviour is need to re arm everytime I land or touch ground...but i thing this one is normal.



thanks for any clue

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  • Developer

    You may not have your radio calibrated properly. please redo the calibration.


  • This happens if you have enabled the ALT_HOLD mode and try to land with it while it is engaged.

    The solution is to land in STABILIZE, not in ALT_HOLD.

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