simple mode forgets bearing

I've had a lot of truble with my copter. But now i've got simple mode working (more or less).


It works fine when I'm flying back and fourth facing the same direction, even for a long time. But if i spin the copter around a couple of times it looses its bearing by as mutch as 45 degrees. Any ideas what might cause this?? 


I'm flying the new beta.38 standard arducopter frame. magnetometer is mounted the recommended way

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  • Finaly the weather was good enough to get some flight logs :) The first one is pretty short, in the other one the simple mode "lock" actually changes in the air a couple of times. Hope someone can help my make some sense of this???

    The magnetometer is not mountet completly flat, can this be the problem???



  • I'll to some more test tomorrow, hope i don't have to remove the magnetometer. Fingers crossed :)

  • The winds here in norway are so high i cant do any flying today. So no flying logs today :(

    but i did some interesting test inside, without the motors running. I just used USB power, connected it to APM mission Planer an looked at the compass. Its stable if it stands still for a long time. But if i pick it up and spin it a couple of times, north is no longer north its off by ca. 20 deg. So this cant be caused by any electic fild from the motors/esc etc. I've also included the logs. Any idead? Bug in the code or do i need to replace the mag??


  • I have seen odd simple mode behaviour but all I could maybe blame it on was magnetic interference from power lines or something. I have logs, but they don't have the raw entries from the gyros etc. - would the default logs help at all? I nearly lost my quad last weekend due to inability to fly it back; looking at the log even auto mode just spiraled around. I should post separately about it...

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    Yes I had the same problem.  on .38  I took off in simple mode standing behind the copter, hovered in same orientation no problems, yawed 90 deg left, I pushed forward stick but the copter went left which is what it would have done in stab mode.

  • Do the filter pads on the IMU have anything to do with the magnetometer data stream?

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    I've seen this happen a few times. Not sure why. Have a log? If you can enable all logs, that would be great.


  • I did have the same problems, was the compass. So check your compass output.



  • Nothing?? Am i the only one seeing this??

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