I'd really like to get a Skylark AAT antenna tracker to use my my APM 2.0, and APM 2.5 planes that have u-blox LEA-6H GPS units onboard. Has anyone gotten these to work together? Skylark has a converter module that you can put inline with any GPS and it sends the tracker data through the audio channel. Skylark says any GPS that uses NMEA protocol will work. Does the u-Blox LEA-6H use that protocol? what is the pinout on the GPS module? If anyone is currently using this tracker with these GPS modules, I would really appreciate some help.

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  • any update..

    • Tried it out today with an APM and the Skylark AAT convert module, using APM's UBLOX M8N GPS. Works perfectly.

  • 3701903946?profile=originalI received this schematic from Skylark and I have made up a harness to replicate it, but it does not seem to work.  One big unknown is the cable connection at the UBLOX GPS module has six pins and the schematic seems to only reflect five pins. See if you guys can help with this because I am stumped at this point. Also would appreciate some help.

    • Maybe its just me but why put the Skylark module in between the GPS and APM, when you can splice the wires from the GPS to both the skylark and APM.

      • Sorry, mP1 I have been occupied with other chores a home. Your idea sounds logical to me, but I have not thought it through to any great extent.  It seems possible.

        One thing I failed to mention above in my original post is there is a restriction of ~50'/50m, inside which the Skylark will not track, so I might not have been testing the system correctly. I found this out only after my post. It has been cold in the northeast, so I haven't had the motivation to drag all my stuff outside to test it.  

        Also,  I should be able to determine which pin on the GPS side is the GND without much trouble with a ohmmeter. 

        Do you have any ideas on how your idea would pin out other than just matching the colors?

  • I am also working on interfacing with Skylark ata . there are two options first to get signal through audio channel of video TX and second to get output from Mission Planner in second case have to make some sort of interface. i dont know what mission planner is giving output may be some one can post the output string on forum.


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