Hey all,

I'm trying to figure out the best way to enable a NEX 5T to shoot images through the bottom of my Skywalker 1900 carbon tail fuselage. I was considering cutting a hole for the lens and covering it with Lexan, but I feel like the Lexan will get scratched easily and decrease picture quality. I also have a FlatMap gimbal that I am thinking of using, but this would obviously require a much larger hole/slot, as the angle of the camera will no longer be fixed.

Should I consider adding landing gear? I will be taking off by hand and landing primarily on grass, pavement, or dirt roads.

Let me know if any of you have a good way to make these modifications.


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  • I started flying a Skywalker 1900 with a clear piece of plastic covering the hole. I found that I didn't need the plastic and now do a light layer of fiberglass to support the hole and fly with bare optics. The only thing I have gotten on the camera is light moisture and dust but nothing that couldnt be wiped away. 

    • Thanks for the reply!

      How are you supporting the hole with fiberglass, and what surfaces do you typically land on?

      This seems to be the answer from most people, which I'm quite surprised by. Are you using a P&S or fixed lens?

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