Hello I was a way from the Arducopter scene for a lengthty period. I still kept the Arducopter 1 with its brittle plastic landing gear and original hardware that I would want to see in the air again.
I took it out of service in 2011 after I bent one aluminium bar when crashing. But I got new spares so I thought I assemble things and get this veteran running. Where can I today find latest firmware for the early model ?
Does anyone have spares for 1 series ?  Is there some archived web pages that can refresh me in
getting it running.

Giving it a 2nd thought I am likely better off replacing the APM. But I still want to fly the original frame.
I will look for a conversion guide.

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  • Hello Gunnar,

    do you have the ATMEGA1280 MCU or ATMEGA2560 MCU? If the MCU is a 2560 than you can compile ArduCopter 3.2.1 with "make apm1".

    Best regards


    Best regards Mirko

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