My solo flipped and destroyed the propellers on my first attempt  at flying it. Contacted solo .they wanted my logs I sent them 3 times and have been waiting for days to hear from someone at solo. After paying $1500.00 for the solo, I'm starting to get a little p'd. Can anyone tell me what to do?w

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How exactly did you "contact solo"?  This is intriguing.

you know what he means... enough of this nonsense. You wanna help him do so if not find another post... He paid 1500 dollars and never got to fly it.

I've escalated this. They should be able to sort you out today.

Thanks tony. Had a 4 hour drive to best buy to get the solo. Told the Saleman I want a tablet and gopro camera  that was compatible with the solo. Couple days later got everything  together.tried the tablet.was not compatible. Tried the gopro.was not compatible. Getting really pissed off by now.made another 4 hour drive and  got the right tablet and gopro. After downloading the apps and reading the Manuel  several times,I went outside to fly the solo . The second time I tapped the fly button,it flipped and went the time I got it shut down,4 of the propellers were destroyed. One leg broke free of the frame.small Crack in the it fixed now.  I'm not a happy camper.

Contacting the proper people is a very important prerequisite to getting a response. I think the avenue taken for contact is extremely relevant to diagnosing a breakdown in communication, don't you?

[edit] We now have your logs and will review ASAP


could you attach log files ?

I study every drone crash reported at DIYDrones, RCGroups or Internet-wide.

Open Technology Park

Open Fabrication Lab

Peer to Drone Crash Investigators

Matt, he said they have asked for logs.. does that not indicate he contacted the right people ? 

Jack,  you are in the right place here. Chris will take care of you. 

I would not recommend you talk to Darius, as he is a notorious troll and a consistent negative influence on this community.  3DR will take care of you.  We'd still be curious to see the logs of course, but I wouldn't listen to anything Darius has to say about them.

Darius, do you have some published papers or articles on what you found out from this study?

Links, please?

Flipping Solos are nothing rare - sad to say.

It's troubling that this behavior - which has been evident for many many months, isn't fixed. 

You are such a sad person... You know perfectly well that was a beta software and the poster of the video even removed it to avoid confusion. But yet you choose to post just to say that "flipping Solos are nothing rare"... You are a pathological liar, seek help.

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