Hello Everyone,
I have mounted a FLIR Vue Pro R thermal camera core to my 3DR Solo for obtaining still thermal-IR images.  The Vue Pro has an Accessory Port cable that is pre-terminated to connect properly with the 3DR PixHawk TELEM 1 port (see attached illustration from Vue Pro user guide).  The Vue Pro can be configured to capture telemetry data provided by GPS, altimeter, accelerometers from the PixHawk. This data is saved as standard EXIF metadata in the still image files (TIFF). Does anyone have experience with the PixHawk on board the Solo with regards to a TELEM 1 port being available for connecting the Vue Pro’s Accessory Port cable to?
Warm regards,
- Craig Thompson

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Hi Craig,

Did you get this working? I've just hit the same problem.

Any advice you can offer would be appreciated. I've tried connecting the Flir cables to the SER2 outputs on the Solo with no luck.

Hi Joel,

No I haven't been able to get the telemetry data to be collected from the Solo accessory board to the FLIR Vue Pro R USB micro SD card.  I've been doing a work around by syncing up the individual images on the FLIR card to the GPS log from the Mission Planner software.

Warm regards,

- Craig

Thanks for getting back to me.

I actually managed to get it to work.

You have to turn on the telemetry feed in the Pixhawk. Change SERIAL2_PROTOCOL to 1, keep the baud rate at 57.

BUT be aware that changing this parameter caused my (and others) Solos to stop booting properly, which then involved taking it apart and using the USB connection to reinstall the firmware. It worked for me on the second attempt.

I get it too ! Thanks

BUT do not forget to also set the MAVLINK setting in the Flir with your smartphone. Settings menu -> ACCY. PORT -> Serial Protocol -> Mavlink.

Hi Joel and Quevauvillers,

Thanks every so much for the replies.  I'm not sure I have the wiring correct.  I've attached a photo showing how I connected a wire I purchase form Viresity between the Solo and my Accessory Board.  As you can see, I've connected the 7-pin DF13 to the Vue Pro's Accessory Port and the 6-pin Molex to the P4 (Serial 2) port on the Accessory Board.  So far no luck in getting telemetry data on my still images that are collected on the Vue Pro's micro-SD card.  

Also if I understand correctly, I need to go to Mission Planner and change the SERIAL2_PROTOCOL to "1" and the SERIAL2_BAUD to 57? (see photo below)  And on the FLIR UAS smartphone app, go to "Settings" -> "Accy.Port" -> "Serial Protocol" and select "MAVLink".

I appreciate any assistance you can give me on my setup.  Glad to hear some people are successful in getting telemetry data from the Solo to the Vue Pro.

Warm regards,

- Craig

Yes, that all looks correct.


Do not do this, yet. If you change the SERIAL2_PROTOCOL parameter you will probably brick your Solo (ie it will never boot up properly).

When you look at your Solo app you will see that the firmware version is 2.4.2 (or something like that). But your Pixhawk has it's own firmware, and it will be running version 1.3.1 from July last year. For some unknown reason 1.3.1 doesn't allow mavlink via serial2, so you need to update the Pixhawk firmware to a newer version, like 1.5.2, before you change that parameter.

There's a very good post on 3drPilots about the process for upgrading to 1.5.2 here:


If you do this, follow their instructions exactly.

And there's a very long post on the 3DR Solo Hacks facebook group with a lot of info about this particular problem (just search for SERIAL2_PROTOCOL).

I hope this helps, please let us know how you get on.

Hi Joel,

Thanks again for all you assistance in this!  I'll give it a try with all of your suggestions (and the instructions on the other Solo Blogs) and let you know what happens.

Warm regards,

- Craig

Hey guys,

Just for reference.

We have one gimbal designed for Flir Vue series camera.

Please check it if you are interested,thank you!


This post is specifically about telemetry and the 3DR Solo.

Your post and your website don't have any photos of how you can fit this on a Solo.

You haven't mentioned whether telemetry is transmitted through the gimbal (I doubt it).

Also this gimbal doesn't transmit HDMI video so it's useless on a Solo.

Hi Joel, No,the telemetry is not transmitted through the gimbal,you need one extra receiver. We have one HDMI converter to transmit HDMI video from SOLO,please check the picture of converter and a wiring diagram.

Hi YnagdaOnline Representative,

Do you have any photos on how your Sky Eye-II Vue Pro Gimbal attaches to a 3DR Solo?  Also, I'm a bit confused on how the gimbal would be wired to the Solo.  Would you have any diagrams that explain how the wires would be connected to the Solo and the RC Receiver?  Mainly, where would the receiver be mounted and where would the power source (5v DC) some from.  I'm assume it's from an external battery?

Warm regards,

- Craig

yangdaonline said:

Hi Joel, No,the telemetry is not transmitted through the gimbal,you need one extra receiver. We have one HDMI converter to transmit HDMI video from SOLO,please check the picture of converter and a wiring diagram.

Hi Craig,

You could get the 5V power source from SOLO gimbal cable.It is pin2,please check following image.

Anyway,you need to drill holes on the bottom plate to mount the gimbal,see following photo.

If you want to make the wiring to look better,then you could 3D print one plate to mount the gimbal,we will provide you with the size of upper plate of the gimbal accordingly.

As to where to put the receiver,one of our clients just put it at the bottom of the airframe with velcro(sorry I do not have the photo).


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