Tuscaloosa, AL

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Aerospace engineering student at the University of Alabama

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Developing UAVs for scientific research, focusing on aerial mapping and photogrammetry.


Memphis, TN

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Jamie M posted a discussion
I am trying to increase the sampling rate of the DataFlash logs being saved to the MicroSD card on Pixhawk. (Primarily raw IMU data). I'm using a Pixhawk 2 board with Mission Planner and QGroundControl.I can't figure out how to use "sdlog2"…
Jun 4, 2018
Jamie M replied to Patrik's discussion QGroundControl on Raspberry Pi 3
"I am attempting to install QGroundControl on a Raspberry Pi 3 (running Raspian). I downloaded the compressed archive from the website, but when opening the shell script it encounters an error:
..... /home/pi/Downloads/qgroundcontrol/QGroundControl:…"
Mar 20, 2018
Jamie M posted a discussion
Hi,I have a Pixhawk Mini powering a hexacopter and I need to pass through a couple auxiliary channels. Six of the main output PWM channels are going to the ESC's, but I want to get two more PWM channels on 7 and 8. I have AUX1 and AUX2 set to…
Feb 15, 2018
Jamie M replied to Craig Thompson's discussion Solo Providing Telemetry Data to FLIR Vue Pro?...
"I'm also trying to figure this out. Can GPS data only be tagged in radiometric TIFF or can I use radiometric JPEG?"
Feb 7, 2018
Jamie M replied to Jamie M's discussion Pixhawk Mini Telemetry with FLIR
"I actually haven't seen that board but I may look into it. I probably will be sticking with the Mini for this project though. Have you flown with an X2.1? Luc Maximilien said:
Buy a Mrobotics  X2.1 autopilot , it has 3 telemetry ports and IMO is…"
Feb 7, 2018
Jamie M replied to Jamie M's discussion Pixhawk Mini Telemetry with FLIR
"I may try this, I just wasn't sure if it had to have the RX signal too. The FLIR documentation says it uses RX for Heartbeat but I don't know if that is mandatory. Andre K. said:
If the Flir only needs to read the stream, you can just split the TX…"
Feb 7, 2018
Jamie M posted a discussion
Hi,I am currently working on a hexacopter powered with the Pixhawk Mini FCS. It is currently using the 915MHz telemetry radio to communicate with my ground station. I am mounting a thermal camera (FLIR Vue Pro R) which has a port to accept Mavlink…
Jan 29, 2018