Hello Everyone,
I have mounted a FLIR Vue Pro R thermal camera core to my 3DR Solo for obtaining still thermal-IR images.  The Vue Pro has an Accessory Port cable that is pre-terminated to connect properly with the 3DR PixHawk TELEM 1 port (see attached illustration from Vue Pro user guide).  The Vue Pro can be configured to capture telemetry data provided by GPS, altimeter, accelerometers from the PixHawk. This data is saved as standard EXIF metadata in the still image files (TIFF). Does anyone have experience with the PixHawk on board the Solo with regards to a TELEM 1 port being available for connecting the Vue Pro’s Accessory Port cable to?
Warm regards,
- Craig Thompson

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Hey Matthew, 

As Joel mentioned, the cable that I purchased had the Rx and TX wires reversed. Also, if you're using the Accessory Board on your Solo the Ch6 and Ch7 pins need to have the PWN Dupont connectors attached to them. I just found out last weekend that if you don't have them in the correct order, you won't receive latitude and longitude values.

Good luck,

- Craig

Matthew Burris said:

Hey Craig,

I've been working on this for the last few days and I have gotten stuck.  I believe I've followed everything done here, but the telemetry data is not being written to the .jpg files.  I used the same wires you had (Viresity) and the accessory board.  I have updated the firmware and changed the FLIR camera to 'Mavlink'.  The only thing I'm not sure about is the 7 pin Molex to 2 pin DuPont connector.  Not sure what to do with that.  If you're still around or if anyone has any suggestions, I'd be very grateful!


Do you have a picture of how you have the CH6 and 7 pins connected? It's quite hard to see in the picture on the first page. 


Hello. I just got a FLIR Vue Pro. I am looking for help. I need to trigger the camera for singles photos with a arduino or a raspberry. Does somebody knows a setup for this objective.

I'm also trying to figure this out. Can GPS data only be tagged in radiometric TIFF or can I use radiometric JPEG?

So far, I've been able to tag the images with GPS location data only with the JPEG format.  Also, I can only view the radiometric data values in the "FLIR Tools" set of software.  I was hoping that I could view them and do my analysis in a GIS software package such as ArcGIS/ArcMap.  If anyone else has been able to bring these images into ArcGIS with the radiometric data intact, I would be extremely interested in finding out how they did that!


- Craig

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