If you want 6 flights mode with Gear and Flightmode 1,2 switch with only using one channel (CH5) the following can be done with dx8 and maybe DX7:

Go to servo set up, set Gear to 85% and 65% in travel

Go to mixing:

Select Mix 1

Select GER >GER Set rate: to -31% and -23% ( these are the rates for gear sw pos '0' and Flight mode 1 and gear sw pos '1' and Flight mode 1)

Leave Offset at 0 %

leave Trim: set to Inh.

Set Sw to FM 1


Go to Mix 2

Select GER >GER Set rate: to -100% and -76% ( these are the rates for gear sw pos '0' and Flight mode 2 and gear sw pos '1' and Flight mode 2)

Leave Offset at 0 %

leave Trim: set to Inh.

Set Sw to FM 2

Then to check go into mission planner(APM setup), connect the arducopter and the radio then choose modes in the apm setup

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  • Hi
    Seeing that it's been a lot of comments here, sorry I have not responded to these earlier. I have not visited the forum for a long time because I use mostly other controllers on my multicopter now. I also sold my Spektrum DX8.

  • I am not him and haven't played with this stuff in years but maybe one of my old files has what u want... no promisses... One file was probably for regular flying and one for APM... IDK  been a while



  • I know this thread is old and i do not know if you even still have your APM and DX8 but if you do pleas send me the DX8 SPM file so that i can get mine set up im having dificulty becaus im a total noob to this . i would be most thankful for any help thank you.

  • Finally...  a way that worked for me..... thank you for this post.  For some reason all the other ones, didn't work for me, you had to have in heli mode etc... this was perfect.   Thank you.

  • Thanks for this precise and helpfull post !

  • Thanks so much for this! I just upgraded to a DX8 and had a hard time figuring out how to get flight modes back. This worked great. 

    Now I need to look into it further to find out how and why these settings work. I hate just configuring, I like knowing why ;)

    Thanks again!

  • Thanks for sharing!

    I know that one should use his / her own brain, but I was just too lazy today and your description is just 100% correct.

  • Arnt,

    Is there anyway you can explain the steps in more detail. You are assuming the readers know how to configure these options on the DX8. For new users such as myself I am immediately stuck when I get to step one Go to Servo Setup, Set Gear to 85% and 65% in Travel? I think I understand how to set the 85% for Gear but I am totally stuck on how to set Travel to 65%? 

    Please be so kind as to add the each step assuming the user has never configured these options before? I have to be honest setting the DX8 is very confusing so a step by step guide would be most helpful..

    Does anyone know of a YouTube videos showing how to set these options?

  • Hi guys,  Im try to set my dx8 up with 6 flight modes , if done the setup to the the instructions.

    Ive checked and checked my servo wires,settings and can only get 3 flight modes working.

    Any good tips or hints?

  • Just a "thanks" and a "me too got it working". I would advise anybody using this combo to think of some mnemonics to aid memory while flying .. for example, here is the mnemonic I made up:

    I use the GEAR switch as a "I'm flying, or APM's flying" selector and the FM mode to subset that.

    both switches away - "full manual" - ie manual mode

    gear away, FM centre - "stabilize" ie part auto

    gear away, FM towards, "FBW-A" - ie even more auto

    gear towards me, FM away, - "think manual -> auto" - AUTO (added benefit that you can go from MANUAL -> AUTOPILOT with just one switch - great for auto take off especially if the plane gets into a bit of trouble as you can switch back again easily).

    gear towards, FM centre - Loiter (also known as 3 year old daughter wants my attention).

    both switches towards "panic ! come back !" ie RTL

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