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light acrobatics with my new overpowered quad, upgrading my "old" FPV plane.



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Marco Mueller replied to Roger Hill's discussion Battery Voltage display in Mission Planner.
I see the same difference. I am using an AttoPilot 180A to measure V and A. My Spektrum telemetry reports correct Volts (verified with multimeter), but telemetry data from the APM 2.5 for battery voltage is always around 0.5 V lower than it…"
Jun 10, 2013
Marco Mueller replied to Konrad Stefanik's discussion Leopard 2A4... ardutank?
"Hi, did you already solved it?
I would go for Arducopter firmware and use gimbal stabilization for the gun. You can configure it to just stabilize pitch."
Jun 8, 2013
Marco Mueller replied to Matei Nichitescu's discussion Unexpected behavior in Loiter mode
"Hi, a friend of mine had a similar situation. His quad suddenly started to bank left in loiter mode. It tilt angle was around 80 degrees. So far away from the 45 degree limit. Also no obvious reason for this behavior. At which angle did your hexa…"
May 28, 2013
Marco Mueller replied to Roman Stikel's discussion Dumb Mistake, Now Apm 2.5 will arm but motors will not respond! Help Please
"What happens if you trim your throttle channel a few clicks down? What is your reported minimum for throttle in MP?"
May 4, 2013
Marco Mueller replied to Roman Stikel's discussion The Joy of Tuning & Alt Hold, Lioter and Ohm Questions. Some Help!
I had the same problem in Alt Hold and all other modes which need Alt Hold. As pointed out in various threads, it is crucial to have minimum vibration on the Z axis accel. As soon as I eliminated the vibration by balancing props and motors and…"
May 4, 2013
Marco Mueller replied to Derin Hakan Karakurt's discussion APM & EZUhf Power
"I do not know the EZUHF stuff, but equipment connected to the inputs 1-8 and connectors A0-A11 should not draw more than 500mA in sum from the APM if it is powered by a ESC or BEC connected to the outputs 1-8 and JP1 is present. However you can put…"
Apr 27, 2013
Marco Mueller replied to Ben Clement's discussion APM 2.5 broken usb port
same happened to me. Take a look here USB connection broke, alternative?
Soldering pins and using UART0 with some kind of USB to serial adapter works like a charm."
Apr 27, 2013
Marco Mueller replied to Geir Engebakken's discussion Loiter issues - big circle
"Hi, I experienced nearly the same behavior, but circle movement was slow and narrow in the beginning, but was getting faster and bigger. If I put the copter in a steady hover before I activate loiter everything seem fine, but if I activate loiter…"
Apr 26, 2013
Marco Mueller replied to Arnt-Inge Hansen's discussion Spektrum DX8, 6 flights mode with one singel channel, by FM and Gear Switch
"Thanks for sharing!
I know that one should use his / her own brain, but I was just too lazy today and your description is just 100% correct."
Apr 15, 2013
Marco Mueller replied to Matt Mariani's discussion Connected via Mavlink but no sensor data
"I had the same symptoms, when my board had problems with the 3.3V section. Mavlink and radios seem to run with 5v, but the sensors need 3.3v. If you have a multimeter, you should be able to measure 3.3v on the pin-outs marked as 3v3 and GND as you…"
Apr 6, 2013
Marco Mueller posted a discussion
Hi,I know that I somehow damaged my board, but somehow it is also still alive.Power over outputs or 3DR power module does not work anymore, but if I supply +5V to my soldered UART0 pins and to one input channel the board comes to live and everything…
Apr 4, 2013