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I have to map a large area and I would like to know if somebody use an automatic method to split a large area into small areas for mapping based on the max flight time of the plane/multirotor.

The idea is to get small poligons based in a big one.

Thanks in advance!

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Yes, that should be an interesting feature to add to Mission Planner / Survey planner : max flight time. A software solution to propose an optimum cut in several flights for a given large area to map.

I am currently determining my max flight time for my Iris+ in loaded condition. So far my conclusion, with 15 min max, is that I will have to do manually this exercise quite often. Good point Mauro.


There doesn't seem to be a way to do it right now, but I'm really interested in this as well. Splitting the flight routes manually is time consuming. A "split into smaller grids based on flight time" option would be great. I'd also like to request that takeoff/landing times be in the flight time estimate as well, if they're not already. Ascending to 100m at 2m/s is actually quite time consuming, and it is very important to calculate in this time for multirotors.

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