Stabilization Algo without setting PID ?

Hello Everyone,

after having bothered the forum for quite a bit and quite some issues setting the copter up (took months, before it worked), many many crashes and broken equipment, i got one arducopter flying. - Unfortunately not for long as it shortly after crashed due to unknown reasons.

In the end, i decided to buy a Naza + GPS and got if flying straight away, even with different ESC, Motors, Prop's, Battery and heavily modified frame.

Naza setup and operation seems so simple to me that it's just a breeze after the issues with Arducopter.

However: I still like arducopter a lot and would prefer to use it over Naza - it offers a lot more flexibility and i just like the open-source approach.

Now, my question is:

Why is it needed to so heavily tune and configure PID's - Lot's of them - even for different flight modes etc. - while Naza simply has 6 gain settings which even work out of the box with the defaults great - with some very easy tuning (without risking or crashing the craft as on arducopter!) working even superb.

Is it maybe possible to implement this kind of control (no idea what they use, maybe self-adjusting PID?) in Arducopter ? - Or is this something which we maybe can have in PX4 ?

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  • See I did not have any of these problems.  I set the Pitch roll pid to .08 as I am using a 600mm copter and everything just works the rest are all defaults.  I get easy stabilization the waypoint navigation works fine.  Loiter is within 3 yards etc etc etc.  

    I am using a motor that is a bit faster then the Arducopter ones but not by much 1350kv on a 28-26 NTM Cheap turnigy 25amp esc's and I get 6 minutes on a 2200mAh 3cell for a 1.5 KG copter. 

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