Hey all,

Slowly trying to work out how to tune my quad.

I have had some drifting issues and with the latest firmware it seems to have helped.

As Im a newbie, im currently only flying is stab-simple or alt hold-simple while i learn and tune.

I have noticed the last couple of times ive flown, I arm the quad facing forward away from me, which is suppose to make that forward, then at some stage during my flight, forward seems to shift maybe 30-60 degrees off to the right.

Any idea what could cause this?

I was going to get channel 6 tuning happening on the controller tonight to try and get things set up a bit better but have to work out this little problem first.

Also, for anyone flying mainly FPV, what mode to you use? Stabilize and fly with yaw, pitch, roll?

Sorry if that sounds newbie, havent flown anything buy simple while i set things up.

Thanks heaps

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  • Have you performed the compass calibration?  Being un-calibrated (or electrical interference) may cause the compass to shift.  Try the calibration method of spinning the copter on all 3 axis' first.

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