Been a while since I've been here.  Life happens.

I've ordered the new autopilot and wonder if there's a way, with the new APM, that I can tell it to start the motor after launch. 

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Anyone?  I've looked through the forum for an answer but I'm coming up with nothing.  Surely, there must be a way to do this.

I assume you are running arduplane?

Yes it is possible. You can program a takeoff command and altitude in auto, in parameters set throttle delay to a desired value (0,5 sec. will do) and takeoff accel to 15.

Before you throw the plane switch to auto mode, throw it, and the motor will arm after your delay timer expires. It then pilots itself to the designated altitude.

but beware there is something "fishy" with the autotakeoff code. It should hold heading but when I tried it, it made a large circle to the right.
Takeoff was a succes though...

Great!  Thanks for the reply, Pieter.  Even though it pitched to the left, it went on to follow the waypoints, right?

Yes, it did. I'm still figuring out what exactly happened, but the plane flew beautifull and once it reached takeoff alt it continued and completed its mission.
There wasn't any danger of crashing/out of control during takeoff, just the slight banking to the right.

What plane are you using? I would like to test it in my X8 wing after I build a catapult. Has someone test auto-takeoff with a X8 wing?

I'm going to be using it in an X8, also!  Finishing the build this week and hope to have the autopilot soon.  It shows that it's ready to ship so I hope they don't leave sitting around the shop for a few days.

How did it go? 

I'm currently building an X7 with APM 2.6. And want to do the catapult launch thing.

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