Strange values in new MP version

Hi, since my Mission Planner has updated to 1.3.24 the "Extended Tuning" page is showing strange and wrong values:

Rate IMAX is now 100 instead of 1000. Throttle Accel IMAX is 80 instead of 8. And my tuning range for Acro Yaw P goes now from 4500 to 9500 instead of 4.5 to 9.5!!!

3691195354?profile=originalIn the Full Parameter List these values seem to be the correct old ones except of MIN/MAX tune which also is 4500/9000 now!

What has happend there?

All the best, Markus

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  • Hi Markus,

    Did you try to fly with those new settings? If so, what was the result? Did you also try to fly with your previous settings (before the upgrade)? If so, what was the result? Do you see a difference between the two?



    • Did you try flying?  Was it the same?

      • Yes, I'm flying with these values since then and noticed no difference....

  • I have the same issue. My previous IMAX settings were exactly the same as Markus' settings. See setting below before upgrade.

    3701984724?profile=originalAfter the upgrade to 1.3.24 the IMAX settings were decreased with factor 10 for Rate_Roll,Rate_Pitch, but increased with factor 10 for Rate_Yaw and Rate_Loiter and Throttle_Accel.

    What can be the result of these changes when flying?



  • Developer

    have  look here
    Imax is in percent * 10

    so the new numbers are correct for the percent value.

    and same for the Tune_low and tune_high

    • hello Michael, can you help understand how to use ch6 and tune_low and tune_high.

      how to map the 0-32765 to rate_roll_Kp for instance, if roll rate should have a value arrond 0.08 , than I woul expect to usea value of tune_low = 0.05 and tune_high = 0.10.

      now the value scale is 0-32765 what value should I use for Tune_low and tune_high to get the interval 0.05 to 0.10 ?



      • I got it.

        I played arround a litle bit and found that integer values on tune_low and tune_high, map directly to decimal values of the parameter, so to get a 0.150 to 0,200 I just insert Tune_low = 150 and tune_high to 200.

    • Thanks for your answer, Michael. The MP version before the update was 1.3.16, I think (Not exactly sure. Normally I update to any new version, but I was in holiday a few days ;))

      What I don't understand: My Imax values in the "Extended Tuning" page have both decreased AND increased: Rate Imax is now 100 (before: 1000; that fits to your percent * 10 explanation), but Throttle Accel Imax is now 80 (before: 8). Means: Some values seem to be 10 times smaller now, but some (in fact: one) is 10 times bigger.

      Relating to the tune values: There is nothing in the wiki that says Tune_low and tune_high are percent * 10.

      • For better understanding a screenshot of my "Extended Tuning" page (longer) before the update:


  • Developer

    what mp version where you using prior to the upgrade?

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