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I would like your help.  Safety is my number one issue with drones. Last year I was learning to fly my  Parrot AR. Drone that I had fitted with carbon fiber blades.  I was doing a simple take off and landing in the living room to impress a friend.  I was hovering and accidentally hit the "Home" button. Instead of a soft landing the AR Drone took off from a distance of about 10' from me and came right at my face.  As I was trying to deflect it, the carbon fiber blade put a gash on my left eye, just missing my eyeball.  I don't know about you, but that really soured my experience and nearly put out my eye. 

I had every intention of taking the money I had saved to start a Real Estate Photography company.  Instead I became afraid of the drone. A friend purchased a Phantom from DJI and had a very similar experience on his very first flight.

Oddly enough I became so fascinated with the industry that started to look for solutions to the danger of any multi-rotor with plastic or carbon fiber blades.  I came up with what I affectionately call DroneKone.  It is complete and substantial propeller protection to help make drones safer.

I started a small company with my limited funds and developed a model of my concept.  I was able to get a provisional patent on my safety device.  Then I had a devastating life event and was out of action for a year.  I have recovered.  I don't have any funding at this point except out of my pocket and started seeking funding. I was told by a potential investor that I needed to survey 100 people to find out if my product is market worthy.

Okay enough story.  Simple Survey for Safety:

  1. Yes or No  Are you concerned about drones flying around Children? 
  2. Yes or No  Do you have a concern about your personal safety when flying a drone?
  3. Yes or No  If a safety device was available would you consider purchasing it?
  4.                  What would a safety device look like to you if you could design one?
  5.                  How much would you pay for a safety cage if one was available when you purchase your drone.

I greatly appreciate you reading this far and ask for help.  If this is just plain stupid, then I would like to know that now, before I spend any money on moving further.

Thank you so much for listening.  I am grateful to be a small part of this awesome community.


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  • I have posted the first prototype images.  This concept will eventually be available for all commercially available copters.  This one is designed for the DJI Flame Wheel F550.  Let me know what you think.


    • Bob, I have read elsewhere that duct fans aren't suitable to multicopters due to its tendency to resist against lateral wind, thus making it difficult to move laterally. Your prototype is a kind of ducted fan. Do you think it may suffer the same issue?

      Nice layout !! 

    • That looks pretty sexy but you should be designing frames with those design skills not prop guards.

      Looks like it weighs more then the frame.

      Does it allow enough clean air or does the design degrade propeller efficiency?

      it looks great but at what cost and I am not talking money.

      Can it all be made in that mesh style with black and white hexagons? that would reduce weight, better airflow and could look cool.

      looks and function

      • Ron,

        Thanks for the design kudos!  It doesn't weight more than the frame.  The ducting / manifolds actually add power and efficiency to the thrust.  It also adds a bit of stability.

        I really appreciate you taking time to give me a thoughtful critique.


  • Bob,

    1. Yes, I never flight near children. I'm not willing to take that risk. Also don't think that drones are meant to be toys, even when most children dream to have a phantom.

    2. Yes. I avoid flying indoors, just outdoors. I always keep a good distance from landing zone and the drone itself. It needs to be far enough that let you have some time for dodge or take cover. A good sunglasses is always welcome to protect your eyes.

     3. Yes

    4. I like the propeller guard ideia, bud don't like the extra weight. So, if someone could design an virtual propeller guard it would be nice. Something that could stop the propeller ( BLheli damped light brake ) in case of something should come near it.

    5. Nothing. I think that a cage is  more than the necessary for me to feel protected ( being the pilot and following some security rules ), however depending on the audience and the application, a cage would be a good idea.

    PS. I would like to buy a cheap ( but reliable ) parachute for my hex. I think they are still expensive. That is a good safety device.

    Regards , Fernando

    • Fernando,

      Thank you for your opinion.  I am looking to make a good, reliable, crash resistant, propeller protector.  I have posted a few pictures of our first prototype.


    • Moderator
      1. Yes  Are you concerned about drones flying around Children? 
      2. Yes  Do you have a concern about your personal safety when flying a drone?
      3. Yes  If a safety device was available would you consider purchasing it?
      4.  Commercially sensitive ;-)   
      5.  $100
      • Gary,

        Thank you for filling out my quick survey.  I'm trying to get to the $100 mark.  I too believe it has to be commercially sensitive and under $ 100.00.


    1. Yes, But I agree that you should never fly around kits. These things are not toys.
    2. No
    3. No

    I never fly drones with any type of GPS autopilot indoors. I do fly small drones indoors with only stability augmentation and prop guards.


    Also those drones controlled by smart phones are not very safe. A good RC transmitter has a much more solid RF link and you have much more precise control. That’s my opinion but I have been flying RC aircraft for 30 years.


    99.9% of my flying is far away from people and I always stand 10 meters behind a multirotor when taking off.


    Also never try to show off for your friends. That’s just not a wise thing to do. That’s why there are so many accidents at air shows.





    • Mike,

      Thank you for your reply and insight.  I wish I didn't try to show off to my friend. It was not a good experience.  Thank you for noting a good RC transmitter is much better than the smart phones.  I agree.

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