Sync Error in APM

Hey People,


Ever since yestrday, my APM is having trouble comunicating with the PC. Heres what im seeing:


1. When trying to upload code from Arduino, i get this error message:

              avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp 0X00


2. When trying to enter CLI mode, nothing happens.


I have looked online for fixes, but since I dont have an programmer to re-upload the bootloader, i was hoping there is some other work around.



Here is what i have done to temporarily fix the problem:


In CLI mode, after the terminal is opened, and i see that the COM port is opened, i press the reset button, and then everything works fine. When i want to upload code from Arduino, as soo as i see that the code is done compiling, I hit the reset button, and it uploads all right. Same goes for adding waypoint files, reading EEPROM, and updating PID's.


Does anybody have an idea as to how to fix this?




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