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I am a mechanical engineering technologist, interrested in unmanned electric flight.

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Hluhluwe, South Africa

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Willem Brussow commented on James's blog post UAV as Aerial Mapping & GIS platform
"Hi James,
I am on a engineering co-op in Canada at the moment and we are just starting to do NDVI. How did you stitch these images? Will Pix4D be able to do it? Also, did you process the NDVI images before stitching them, or did you create a big…"
Jul 30, 2012
Willem Brussow commented on Heino R. Pull's blog post Updated for ACM 2.5.3 and APM 2.3.0 - Unified Ardustation 2 With Parameter Editing, Antenna Tracking and Auto Detection of Arducopter or ArduPlane
"Would this work with the 3DR radios?

May 9, 2012
Willem Brussow posted a discussion
Hi All,Since updating to the latest code i cant seem to get airspeed to show up in the MAVLINK GCS in the Planner, when using Xbee... If i go to CLI, and test the airspeed sensor, it works.If i power the APM with usb, Airspeed works over XBEE in…
Apr 28, 2011
Willem Brussow commented on Chris Anderson's blog post APM 2.011 Beta released
"Woaw, things are moving right along here! Good work! Does anyone know if PID's uploaded with the planner via USB will be "remembered" after a power cycle, in this version?"
Mar 22, 2011
Willem Brussow commented on Max Levine's blog post More ArduCopterMega testing, trying FPV on Tri-Copter :)
"That looks pretty sweet! Were you showing live video on your laptop? i didn't see any cables attached to it, were you streaming the live video over WiFi?
Mar 10, 2011
Willem Brussow posted a discussion
Hey People, Ever since yestrday, my APM is having trouble comunicating with the PC. Heres what im seeing: 1. When trying to upload code from Arduino, i get this error message:              avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp 0X00 2. When…
Jan 10, 2011
Willem Brussow replied to Willem Brussow's discussion University Application Questions
"Thanks a lot, Chris!
I will let you know how it turns out"
Dec 16, 2010
Willem Brussow posted a discussion
Hi Folks, I am working in a university lab, for a PhD student, and we are currently using APM for charactering an non-standard airframe. The airframe we are working on experiences quite a considerable amount of Dutch Roll when exiting a bank. Here…
Dec 16, 2010
Willem Brussow replied to Ed Sims's discussion Resistors?
"If they are four 3.9k Ohm resistors, i believe they are used for the voltage monitor. I had them sitting aside for quite some time before i realized thats what they are for. If you look at the "voltage sensor" part of the APM manual, you will see…"
Dec 11, 2010
Willem Brussow posted a discussion
Hey folks,I understand that APM uses yaw in coordinated turns, when banking, but the airframe I am currently working on is not very stable in yaw. Comming out of a steep bank, the airplane Pivots back and forth before settling, about the yaw axis. I…
Dec 3, 2010
Willem Brussow replied to Tony's discussion Throttle use on the APM
"Hi Tony,
This was the case for me as well, until I changed the "default altitude" and "waypoint altitude" in the mission planner.
Hopes this helps...

Nov 10, 2010
Willem Brussow posted a discussion
Hey all,I recently ordered the necessary parts for the APM. I have received most part, and am only waiting for the controller board from Sparkfun.I have been looking for videos of working/flying airplanes with APM, but have only found a couple.. I…
Nov 1, 2010