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Tony replied to Monroe Lee King Jr's discussion APM USB connection issues and Mission Planner
"Hi Monroe

Still having the issue (along with 3 others) where the APM will connect fine but then do nothing - no response etc.  The link strength indicator on the Flight Data page starts out at 100% then drops to 0% and a Red X appears.  This…"
Jun 21, 2013
Tony posted a discussion
Me and 3 of my friends are all experiancing the same problem with our APMs (2.0 and 2.5)While connecting with a USB cord - everything works fine downloading the firm ware and even connecting to the Mission Planner.  But after that it just sits there…
Jun 19, 2013
Tony replied to Pierce Thomas's discussion Ardupilot 2.5 problems
"Me and 3 other of my students and friends are having the exact same problem.  All with different APMs and all on different computers. (I have a APM 2.0 and the others have the APM 2.5)  I thought that others might be having the same problem since…"
Jun 19, 2013
Tony commented on Robert Krogh (hooks)'s photo
"Does anyone know if there are spare parts available for this aircraft.  Ive been to the website where they sell it and I dont see anything listed. 
Thanks All"
Mar 20, 2012
Tony posted a discussion
Hi All I just had (sort of) a successful first flight with the APM.  The airplane is flying perfectly stable and navigating to the waypoints really well (in full auto mode) - but the throttle is going to idle - so its gliding really nicely while it…
Nov 10, 2010
Tony posted a discussion
Hi - I was just wondering if anyone has had any experiance using gas or glow power with the ardupilot? I was wondering how it would work with the extra vibration etc......Thanks everyone!
Dec 3, 2009
Tony posted a discussion
Hi EveryoneGot the ArduPilot board put together, but when I tried uploading the code I get the following error:avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00avrdude: stk500_disable(): protocol error, expect=0x14, resp=0x51After some research, I…
Nov 25, 2009
Tony posted a discussion
Hi EveryoneI have the new Ardupilot with Shield. When I plug my ESC into it - it gets hot. The ESC gets really hot and also the Ardupilot right where the ESC plugs into it. I dont think its a building/soldering issue because Im pretty good at…
Nov 13, 2009
Tony posted a discussion
Hi everyone.Im trying to get my Ardupilot project up and running - I was going to purchase the Shield kit to complete it but I noticed it says its no longer going to be available. Is there going to be a replacement for it? (maybe this was already…
Oct 13, 2009
Tony posted a discussion
HI - I was wondering how a digital camera can be triggered using something like the ServoSwitch relay sold in the DiyDrones store.Thanks everyone
Aug 28, 2009