Throttle use on the APM

Hi All


I just had (sort of) a successful first flight with the APM.  The airplane is flying perfectly stable and navigating to the waypoints really well (in full auto mode) - but the throttle is going to idle - so its gliding really nicely while it flies to its intended points.  Sooooo...


Any ideas on getting the throttle up and running? Ive tried reversing it to see if that helps - im not sure if im doing it right and what im doing doesnt seem to change anything.


Also what should the throttle position go to while on the ground and put into auto mode?  It seems to me like it should go to full since the airspeed and altitude is less than it should be. But mine doesnt do anything.


Thanks in advance for the help.

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  • Hi Tony,
    This was the case for me as well, until I changed the "default altitude" and "waypoint altitude" in the mission planner.
    Hopes this helps...

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