I have this unit and am getting less than 5 minute flight time until warning comes on. 85% Battery remaining after flight.

Total Weight: 2750g

Batt: Multistar 10000mah 4S 14.7V 10C

•  Tarot 650 Sport frame with hood and electric retracts  
• Pixhawk Special STM32 Pixhawk "PX4Lite"
• Ublox Neo8 GPS module with compass
• 710Kv high efficiency motor for multirotors  
•  Hobbywing X-Rotor 40Amp Opto ESC  
• 12" x 4" carbon fibre direct fit props for large hexacopter (
• 1 x Pixhawk APM Power module with BEC

 • Taranis Plus with X8R

How can I tell the Pixhawk the correct voltage values?
I can't seem to input 10000 into battery monitor 1 value

I have completed this exercise:


Log file here: HERE

Any help would be great!

Thank you

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I have a similar setup - 650sport frame with 10mah 4s multistar battery, except I have 3508 580kv motors with 15" cf props.  I get around 25-30mins flight time.  I don't have mine to hand but off the top of my head i set the power to 'other' and entered the measured voltage (16.8v when fully charged) into the voltage box.  I wouldn't bother with amps to start with as they're not as important (or reliable) as volts.

The Battery Monitor is at 5100. I try to put it a 10000 and it won't take. (AC3.3)

How long are your booms?

Hiya, if you mean the 'Battery Capacity' in MP setup, ignore the amps to start with, it's not important.  What's most important is to get the voltage correct, so follow the 'Calibrating the voltage reading' bit on this page:


If you don't have a multimeter to measure the voltage of the battery, just fully charge it and put 16.7 into the 'Measured battery voltage' (to err on the side of caution).

It's the voltage readings that cause the warning/failsafes, IIRC.  It's been a while since I set this up and flew so things might have changed or I might have forgotten a few details.

Um don't know exactly, I changed to the booms from the original tarot 650 which are a bit longer.  I was running 14" props with the proper 650sport booms and it was *just* clearing the canopy.  When I get some time it's on my todo list to shorten the longer booms to fit 15" as precisely as possible.

What are your Pixhawk settings?

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