Tarot 680 Pro Hexacopter ARF - For Sale

Tarot 680 Hexacopter Almost Ready to fly. Just needs put together.

I am going to stay with Long Range Airplanes.

This is a high quality Hexacopter that can do anything.

1 Tarot 680 Pro Ironman frame (Original Tarot, not a knock off.)
Upgraded Tarot Landing Gear - Fold Up (Original Tarot, not a knock off.)
6 Emax MT3510 600kv motors
6 30A DYS Simon K Programmable ESC's
6 12 X 6 APC Composite propellors
1 3DR APM 2.6
1 GPS Tower mount
1 Boscam 5.8ghz FPV Receiver
1 Boscam 200mw FPV Trams mutter
1 12v Color TFT LED for FPV
1 Sony CCD 640 line board camera for FPV
1 Hobbico 12v Lead Acid battery (Powers FPV LED monitor and Boscam FPV receiver)
1 1500mah 12v battery (powers FPV transmitter on Hexacopter)

Extra parts, nuts, bolts etc

Asking 700 for everything.....

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  • Do you still have this?  And where are you shipping it from?



  • No batteries included, but these motors are really efficient on a 14.8v Lipo...

    These are OK photos, there is more not shown, such as the propellors, boxes included and I also have the top of the Tarot 680 Box.




    • So it looks like this has never flown?  

      • Yes sir, as noted above :)

        "Tarot 680 Hexacopter Almost Ready to fly. Just needs put together."

  • 600..............................

    • Got any photos? What size flight batteries are you running and what kind of flight times were you getting?   

      • Replied...

  • as normal...OBO

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