Hi all,

Anyone else flying a TBS Caipirinha with APM setup? I'd be interested to see how you set it up, what PIDs you are running and what layout you used.

I've got one that I'm still tuning (stabilisation is rubbish at the moment...) with

  • TBS motor/ESC
  • APM 2.5 in case with power module and uBlox GPS
  • MinimOSD
  • ImmersionRC 600mw 5.8gz Vtx

Not the best pic... but shows layout of various components

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Any updates on this? Was thinking of trying the same setup.

Hopefully have some good weather tomorrow to try some more... haven't had it in the air for a few weekends now :(

Hi Alex,

I run this setup and am using stock PID's. I did try the Teksumo PIDs but they were awful. The stock work perfectly for me.

I'm seriously toying with one of these builds as well, but am concerned about the packaging - I would like to minimise any external protruberances from the upper wing surface.


Any chance you can post a pic to see how you achieved it?


The problems I foresee are:

- APM (and input/output wires) is too big to fit between pusher firewall & battery bay

- nowhere for the 3DR power module. I might go BEC-power for packaging reasons.

- I'm not sure how to cut the hole for the GPS (ie controlling how deep to cut it)


Are there any problems powering the 9g's from the APM?

In Thailand at the moment so can't post pics.
Basically, trace the the GPS and cut inside the line. Measure the depth of the GPS with and exacto knife and put your finger or tape at that level and cut away. Then cut some strips across the area to be removed and pull out with pliers. You can also heat up a screw driver or such and melt it out but is too much hassle.
Move the battery forward to about 5mm behind the camera bay (move the strap and ply on bottom as well and use heated screwdriver for new holes for strap.
Cut in apm behind battery. I had a wall about 5mm thick between them.
Use same trace and cut technique.
Us heated screwdriver or old soldering iron to cut in wire traces .

Tape everything on before cutting to ensure CoG.

Hope that helps a little.

I tried the PM but couldn't hide it anywhere so I left it off.

I power everything from the 1 2S 3300mah.

if you set it up the same way i did in the pic above... you can get it around 750g with no real protruberances. i stuck the 3dr power module with the esc in the motor mount cavity. 

What servos are they Alex.? KDS or MKS?

Im thinking about jumping in and doing the same as what you have done, hows it flying?

I've pulled the APM out... just couldn't get it working... strange as I've had no issues with a Bixler or Quads before...

It seemed to work in the hand fine... but in the air it just wouldn't fly right... i tried a lot... then put it in a tree when i realised i only had up and right turn... not sure if it was something to do with me mounting it 90 degs yaw that doesn't work with flying wing mode?!!!!

I've got an OpenPilot CC3D in it now... flies beautifully... although without all the bells and whistles an APM can give you with GPS...

Sorry to hear that.
Mine flies perfectly with stock PID's.
Sounds like your elevon mixing was not quite there.
I fly in manual for FPV, but I love minimosd and the ability to RTL.
I have tested RTL from 7km and it flew straight back.

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