TBS Discovery style frame: X or V frame setup?

I just installed my APM 2.5 running ArduCopter 2.9.1b on my TBS Discovery type frame (Reptile 500) and during setup I needed to set the frame setup. Since it is not a symmetrical 'X', should I choose the 'V' setup? I cannot seem to find any documentation on this configuration. I found this posting: http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/arducopter-tbs-discovery-style but he just changed the source code to compensate for the different arm angles.

Many thanks!

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  • Hi,

    Is the motor spin directions and prop orientation same on V setup as with X setup? Or is it as in the H setup which is different from X?

  • I would think V as it looks most like the TBS but I don't know. 

    I have heard that the X setup works well on default.

    What have you decided to do? Or what did you do?

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