team black sheep discover pro with APM 2.6 and minimosd

hello all , so i just finished my second disco build , but with a few differences , i wanted to get as many bells and whistles as i could so ive swapped out the naza for APM 2.6 and minimosd , all the video gear and gimbal going perfect , but when it came to tuning the PIDS things get hairy , im using all stock TBS 900kv motors and the "bullet proof" 30 amp esc , i see a few of you guys had the original disco set up running apm , could you share your pids? so i can compare notes :D any suggestions would be awesome ! :D

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You can start with these links

Your picture shows an old style GPS, but you say you have got APM2.6. APM2.6 comes with no onboard compass.

If you have an external compass elsewhere on the frame, keep it far away from any magnetic fields or anything that is metallic. If you don't have a compass, get one. you can find them from a few places like here or ebay or hobbyking.

Keep the compass and GPS away from any transmitters like your vid tx and the telemetry radio.

Static interference from the frame is less problematic than dynamic interference from wires carrying power. If you do you compassmot calibration you will be good.

We should move this topic from advanced to mandatory, since flying without doing these procedures will effect any auto mode.

thanks for the links , the gps unit is actually the new one with the compas built in , i just didnt get the fancy little black case , i will be moving the gps and vtx and mavlink but i need to lengthen the cables , its all a very tight fit ,ill have another go at tuning the pids tomorrow 

I can share my PID's if you want, but they'll not be spot on, given the extra weight and CoG issues of the Pro model.

I'm also an advocate of the "less is more" school, so I'm running standard settings, with only 2 changes:

P on roll and pitch=0.145, I=0, D=0.008

Yaw= 0.225 (though if you're gimballing, you might want to go *less* not *more*)


My build was here:


Gotta say...I do like the Pro version. Lots of feature I hope will trickle down to the normal disco.

You should try setting I term the same as P, you get a much better feel with that. Remember P is the main control param, I refines that P effect, so having 0 has no benefit.

I found D was much more effective - can't say I noticed any changes in I too much, so I just left it.


If my Pi is 0.145, are you saying I should have I at 0.145 as well?

hi euan , i followed your build  with much anticipation!!! it came out great , i found the default settings dangerously unstable , it was wobbly and pitchy and angry , and you can imagine those grapner props hacking off fingers, so hence the reason i built the wooden frame around the disco with bungie cables holding it from attacking me, im just about to give it another go ill post my results 

ok so today ive been having another go, but ive noticed a few diffrences  between my mission planner pids and everyone elses , i seem to have larger numbers than everyone else , and if i try anyone elses pids its its just a mess of wobbles here is a picture , that p rate is about the highest i can go with out ossilations, so if i was to use  euans for instance i get to about 5% throt before it gets the wobbles and experientially gets worse unless i kill throt

Yes.. ;)

As mentioned - the pro model is a very different beast to the conventional disco. The PID's won't really work, only as a start point. Have you tried the method on the recommended video?

Worked for me on all three of my quads. Summary:
Step 1: set P I and D to zero. set mode to ACRO. tune P until it wobbles. Scale back 5%.
Step 2: P to 0, tune D to rapid wobbles. Scale back 5%
Step 3: keep D, and retune P to wobbles. Scale back 5%
And it's RATES your tuning. Not the stabilize/auto/throttle ones. Set them to default.
yea I had a tweak this morning teathered using the advised methods I managed to get a good hover once I untethered her but it still needs work , im still concerned that my pid window and pid options are different to everyone elses , is that just because of the updated mission planner?

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