telemetry 900MHz or 2.4GHz

Hi as I am new I dont know where to place this question.  There are 2 choice for telemetry (as I know) 900MHz and 2.4 GHz .

What are their difference (usage/setting) pro & con please. I saw they have same price.

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  • Yes I am in Victoria. I decided to use 900MHz too. 

  • Are you based in Australia? I am doing some 900 MHz testing right now using Xtend 1 Watt modules with australian frequency hopping firmware.

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    Martint: I love Futaba, too. Never had a problem of any sort..

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    What Marc said. plus 2.4 gets blocked easier by objects in LOS, but that is secondary to another issue. If you use RC on 2.4, adding a noisy local transmitter to your rx on the aircraft will not improve, and is likely to hurt, your RC range and signal quality, even if the rx is SS, less so if it is good FHSS or DSSS, etc, and more so if it is poorly implemented. If you have the option in your region, I'd recommend the 900Mhz over the 2.4, which is really a bit less than 900, I believe.

  • This fellow does a great overview of FPV, best camera, frequency and antenna, etc.

  • If you live in Europe you have to choose the 2.4 GHz version, check the open frequencies in your country. I'm not an expert on the telemetry module but with the same TX power 900 MHz has better range than 2.4 GHz. I know that for the European zone there is this module: XBee-PRO 868 but I don't know too much about it.

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