TF02 LiDAR for drone height fixing

I forwarded this part here. Its a very cool LiDAR drone height fixing and terrain following


TF02 is a single-point ranging LiDAR, used by drone for measuring the relative altitude from the ground, ensuring the stable altitude. It is available for the following flight control brands: Pixhawk4, APM, TopXGun, EFY Technology, JiYi, aiAero, DAISCH, etc. TF02 has the following features:


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Distance Measurement Performance:

1.       Longer indoor and outdoor measurement range (indoor: 22m; outdoor: above 10m);

2.       Lower noise. Almost no abnormal data within effective range;

3.       Sound signal discrimination algorithm for identification of abnormal data;

4.       Higher repeated accuracy of distance measurement

Overall Performance:

1.       Higher protection level, up to IP65;

2.       Pesticide corrosion resistant, with special enclosure material capable of resisting corrosion of most of the pesticides;

3.       Work normally even with optical window being contaminated by dirty water, sludge and other pollutants;

4.       Shock resistance. Unique design makes it more solid, shock resistant and infrangible;

5.       Additional function of bootloader to facilitate further software upgrade;

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  • Where can I find installation and configuration instructions?

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