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opticsly replied to Benewake's discussion How to install Benewake TF SERIES on PixHawk(Take TF01 for example) in ArduPlane User Group
"Very useful!
Thanks a  lot! Patrick Poirier said:
Benewake, TFMINI LIDAR works Ardupilot, you need to:
A) Change mode to text output : The command of pix format output is 42 57 02 00 00 00 04 06
B) Modify this line on the LightWare serial…"
Oct 4, 2017
opticsly posted a discussion
I forwarded this part here. Its a very cool LiDAR drone height fixing and terrain followingTF02 is a single-point ranging LiDAR, used by drone for measuring the relative altitude from the ground, ensuring the stable altitude. It is available for the…
Jun 22, 2017
opticsly replied to opticsly's discussion Terrain Following LiDAR TF01 for drones
"I attached a video for the LiDAR TF01DE LiDAR TF01 Video 00_00_08-00_00_42.mp4"
Jan 27, 2017
opticsly posted a discussion
I cite a product below which is emploied as terrain following and height fixing for drones. Most famous and widely used LiDAR for Terrain Following[FW below]DE LiDAR TF01, a product widely known in the drone and smart devices industries, was an…
Jan 27, 2017