The PX4Flow Thread

So this new optical flow board from 3DR looks pretty nifty!

My question is (for anyone more familiar with optical flow technology than I am), can I expect this sensor to be significantly better than the current Arducopter optical flow?  And can I expect it to be integrated into the next Arducopter firmware release in a reasonable amount of time?  I don't know at all what kind of work goes into making new sensors work with the existing Arducopter code.


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  • I have a PX4Flow I am getting ready to mess with, already have lidar lite working, but have not found any more info than what is on the wiki.

    Is there an active blog/ forum thread for people who are actually using the PX4Flow?
  • Its for the px4 board only right? Wont work with the 2.5, not enough processing power it looks like
  • I am also interested in this - specifically how this can be wired in (total electronic newb, btw...). The individual Ardu units for sonar and optical can be routed straight into ports 9 & 10 on the 2.5, but no idea how to do the wiring for a PX4flow?


    The single unit appeals for simplified fitment purposes.

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