Throttle Failsafe in Action

We tested the throttle failsafe and RTL function in 2.8.1 and posted this video of it for anyone curious as to how it works.  We were quite nervous about recovering the vehicle if it didn't work, and the momentary throttle cut was unnerving, but it recovered fine and proceeded to RTL.  Thanks for adding this feature!

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  • We are just using the onboard barometer for altitude, no sonar or optical flow.

  • Is there a sonar or anything else for the auto landing or was that done with just the included sensors (GPS, barometer, etc.)?

  • Congratulations!

    Its heartening to see it landing by itself. I tried this and everything is ok till the point it comes back to launch position and hover 5 Secs and then instead of landing properly, it probably get disarmed and fall. Day before I collected all my courage and tried it by changing switch to RTL but as explained it fell from 15 meters after hovering 5 seconds at the point of landing. Result 2 broken Motors. Can you please send me your Param file? Earlier samething happened in Auto mode few weeks ago as after covering waypoints it reached the point where it was supposed to land and fell but that time I was able to arm it midair and survived the crash.



  • Just as a side note, we tested it three times. The video Garrick posted was the first and most dramatic response. The other two were not nearly as noticeable. Major kudos to the APM and the developers.
  • T3
    That was very cool. Thanks for sharing. You got balls.
  • You got a set of brass man berries... still can't bring myself to flip the switch off as I set fail safe in my receiver to RTL

  • Thank you for that. Good to know that it actually works!

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