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John Dell replied to Colin Sadler's discussion Motors don't start until half throttle
"So when you calibrate the ESCs directly from the receiver they work fine?
If so just plug them into the APM and dont try and calibrate any more  (assuming you have not tried that already)"
Jan 9, 2013
John Dell replied to John Dell's discussion Naza M vs. APM 2

Per your question on transmitters and camera's... I am using Immersion RC 5.8GHz 600mW Tx with a FatShark NTSC 420TVL camera and a MinimOSD. Its all 5V and the transmitter / camera can be run from one of your ESCs"
Dec 21, 2012
John Dell replied to Dennis R.'s discussion Quad spins continuously 180 degrees non stop.
Did you check all the obvious stuff like motors oriented and wired correctly?  Prop on the correct way and in the right orientation?"
Dec 18, 2012
John Dell replied to Garrick Merrill's discussion Throttle Failsafe in Action
"You got a set of brass man berries... still can't bring myself to flip the switch off as I set fail safe in my receiver to RTL"
Dec 6, 2012
John Dell replied to Austin Suhler's discussion Level automatically adjusting in flight...
"For clarification, after you level your quad the pitch and roll show level....and then they become offset by 15 degrees while left on its own or do you need to do something to get it to show out of level?  Does this happen gradually or instantly? …"
Dec 2, 2012
John Dell left a comment on DIYDrones - CNC Project
"I have built 3... two of the 2006 version and one of the Hybrid found here:  http://www.joescnc.com/
you also want to look here as there are tons of information found here:
Several very…"
Nov 30, 2012
John Dell posted photos
Nov 29, 2012
John Dell left a comment on DIYDrones - CNC Project
"Recently found this forum.  I have built 3 cnc machines over the last 5 years.  If anyone has any questions feel free to ask.  I am currently running a DIY 4 ft. x 4 ft bed with stepper motors driven by Geco drives and a mini-i/o breakout board. …"
Nov 29, 2012
John Dell posted a discussion
Had a chance to compare the Naza M to AMP 2 this weekend and wanted to share the experience.The comparison was done on two similarly sized custom built quads at ~24" span running the same props, motors, PDU and ESCs.  The Naza quad had a Go Pro and…
Nov 27, 2012
John Dell replied to Graham Dyer's discussion Automated Parachute Drop / Camera Trigger?
I spend 45 min reading on how to trigger a servo to drop a chute and come to find out it was not working... same frustration. Hopefully a fix in in the works.... currently I am achieving this directly from the receiver"
Nov 26, 2012
John Dell posted photos
Nov 19, 2012
John Dell posted a discussion
Everyone who has spent anytime in the RC hobby knows the feeling you get when your model fails to respond to your controls... it happened to me yesterday.It was a great day for flying and I decided to take my Quad out for a mid day spin.  Flew an…
Oct 22, 2012
John Dell replied to Fête Mobile's discussion RTL Error - Drone Flies Away at High Speed Instead of Returning
"I have observed this on my Quad for every version of APM I have used  (I have had my Quad about 7 months).  RTL has worked maybe 10% of the time.... the remaining 90% is scary.  I have mentioned this on few posts as far back as April.  I know others…"
Oct 22, 2012
John Dell replied to Jan Boermans's discussion RTL strange behaviour
"Very Curious as well.  I have tried RTL via channel 7 a few times.  In all cases waited for a blue GPS lock, armed motors an few straight ahead about 100 feet in the same direction.  Hit RTL and quad did anything but fly straight back as expected. …"
Apr 4, 2012
John Dell replied to Umer's discussion Indoor tethered testing Arducopter Hexa
"Do you know what caused your initial flip?

I have never flown on a tether but I assume some of the yaw problems you are facing may be a result of the tether restraining the copter and the controller compensating.

Throttle control is learned from…"
Apr 3, 2012
John Dell replied to Gent Armedo's discussion APM 2.0 Dataflash issue. Help needed.
"I had a similar problem as I was never able to access logs.  From CLI it also told me no dataflash card found.  I removed it and reinserted it and CLI was then able to at least see the dataflash but anytime I browse for logs there are none. Logging…"
Apr 2, 2012