Indoor tethered testing Arducopter Hexa

It all started after an initial flip of Arducopter hexa when i was flying a month ago. Since then the intimidation of crash has restrained me to perform tethered flying, with two of the Hexa Arms tethered. I am using Arducopter Hexa 2.5.3 jdrones, 880 Kv, 12x4.5" props, stock pids (with Rate Roll P 0.1, TRIM_THROTTLE 450, Stabilize Roll 3.5). Only throttle, no pitch/roll/yaw was applied during the indoor tethered test. The motivation was to able it to lift it off the ground smoothly, stabilized and then land it at the same spot SMOOTHLY. Two problems were felt during the tethered testing:
1. Tendency to move in yaw.
2. Tendency of hexa to dip after attaining a certain height (corresponding to throttle)

Some what i am NOT able to smoothly control the throttle movement (height) of my Arducopter hexa. Despite that i have my RC transmitter's Throttle Endpoints at (+30% / -100%) and Throttle Exponential at (-25% and also -100%)

How should i go about solving these problems?

Regarding Yaw Issue: @ Adam Rivera , Can i use telemetry log (tlog) for this indoor tethered flying at the spot to correct my yaw??

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  • Okie so i did the indoor testing again, tethered yes, and now the arducopter hexa 2.5.3 is much smoother (shown in video), i didnt see much yaw effects and my throttle controlling has definitely improved , when i leave the throttle at a position, the hexa maintains the height, no stability issues, One problem now is when i try to lift it off it tries to move in the backward direction , i dont know may be because of tether, Any body having clue?

    I will today work on my landing skills so that i may fly untether (MY DREAM:). Plus will check independent roll and pitch movements by tethering the respective arms. Any suggestions on me flying untethered? The ultimate aim is to achieve autonomous flight with as less crashes as possible

  • Do you know what caused your initial flip?

    I have never flown on a tether but I assume some of the yaw problems you are facing may be a result of the tether restraining the copter and the controller compensating.

    Throttle control is learned from experience.  Unless you have ALT Hold on the copter will move up and down depending on your pitch.  You will always need to adjust throttle to either maintain altitude or land softly.  Its not something you can set and forget.

    My advice is to either have someone experienced pilot your hexa until it is tuned or get it off the ground about 3 meters and go for it.  I don't think throttling up with no pitch, roll or yaw is going to tell you too much.

  • Developer

    Umer: No. You should use a tlog of you flying around at many different attitudes. The log from this flight probably wouldn't have very good data.

  • 3D Robotics

    It's really hard to control throttle in the ground effect. I don't think that's a real problem.

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