• Hi, same problem over here with my APM2 on my hexa and i´m using also 2.8.1 configuration (stabilize mode), also i noticed an unsual increasement of the rotation of the motors when i move the stick at 1/2 of the throttle, if i continue to move the stick it gets normal and the hexa take-off as it should .

    Also, i keep adjusting the roll trim all the time on my rádio, it is normal ?


  • hey, is this the normal "aggresive" way the motors should spin?

    i cant find PID to adjust this...please give me a little help

    have you tried it with a sonar also?

    or du you just uncheck the sonar in mission planner?

  • I have come across this happening in plain stabilise mode. 

    It never actually takes off but the motor speed increases.

    I found it mostly due to a small change in the sensors, like compass, or the copter not being quite level.

    When you do gently lift off does the heading or attitude of the copter make a small correction?

    It never seemed to affect it's flyability.

  • Developer

    Can you upload a flash log? My guess is it's in RTL or some other Auto mode. It won't engage fully until the throttle is above zero. That's an extra level of failsafe for users who accidentally enter an AP mode.


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