I release a new firmware for Turnigy 9x,

You can use telemetry from APM (watching battery voltage and GPS informations).

You can tune major value of PID (not all).

And the last you can change flight mod via Mavlink or PPM chanel. 


Actually I tested only on the last version of AduCopter, I thing you can easily change the sources code to adapt for ArduPlane


Project home :



 Download binary :




Turnigy 9x with Mavlink from GerardV on Vimeo.


Main screen with alternate voltage display (transmitter and APM)

On the picture, '20.1' is the voltage of APM and 'STAB' is the flight mod

Mavlink infos screen


Mavlink GPS screen



PID settings screen (can modify P & I parameters)


Settings flight mod cmd


I had two another parameters :

alarm on low battery from mavlink and the setting of the baud rate (it is preferable to get an high speed RF module)


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How would you install this? Would you need xbee installed into the 9x?

like wise is there some info on modding the radio please as i think its great

 If you never flash this radio you can find all documentations on er9x project found here :

modding your radio and flashing


or you can find a Solderless Pogo board


for flashing I would recommanded to install eepe :



For the transmission you'll need a wireless RS232 high speed datalink, you can use xbee

but in europe I cannot use 900Mz and you mus modfify like for FRSKY project



My radio:


Due to the ATMEGA64 we approach the maximum memory, and in my version of gv9x-mavlink I remove the splashscreen,
the helicopter option (all mixing is done in ArduCopter)
and displays statistics

the binary is here :



Next time, I have to explain how to set the rotary switch.

Tell me if you have problems. 

has anyone been able to fit a xbee to the radio if so can they please give me some info on it please

Sorry I never try xbee, but take a look at this post:


I used a KYL210 433Mhz RF module with a MAX232 converter that I found on ebay.


If you want to use my firmware,

I must release a new version because they are some problem with 'Arducopter v2.1.1 alpha' (systemid was 7 and now they can be change by parameter).


In my case I wanted a light Ground Station that could help me to change the setting of PID outside of my house, that's why I needed an uplink.
After I added some more display to see when APM and the GPS was ready, but this function could pass through the downlink of FRSKY, but it must change the APM software.

I also add the change of the flight control by PPM or via the MAVLINK.

I plan to add one function if I had enough memory in the TGY like memorize way point. Example : put your model at location 1 and with the transmitter send MAVLINK CMD to memorize this location and so for location 2.

Please forgive my lack of Knowledge here.....I have a T9x transmitter V2. I am going to use the APM2 board when it is available . 

Surely if I install the Frsky tx and rx with telemetry, I will Not need Xbee to send back data such as voltage or gps location ?

Sorry if this has been mentioned in a different context. I am still trying to take it all in ! ....electronics is second nature but as for software / code ect... I am lost.

I'm only hoping for batt voltage/GPS location data (live) to be sent back to the radio  . But would it need additional sensors with the rx? or just plug the APM2 sensor pinouts to the rx for transmitting back to the radio ?

Ya know, we should update my work to do the mavlink protocol. My ardupilot display was for old ascii data. I will be glad to help to change to mavlink, in fact I'd be delighted !


ok sounds good, but remember I am going to school here in NM...UNM for astrophysicist so time is limited sometimes. Trying to keep my 4.16 GPA so far. A little hard at 65 yo. but I am gonna show them young wipper snappers !


Who says we don't have an uplink?  Couldn't we use the raw data encoded into a PPM channel to send data to the APM?  It would require "translation" code in the APM firmware to accomplish this, but I'm seeing the bigger picture... 

  • 9x with FrSky could be a standalone setup with PID tuning & save waypoint capability using your firmware.
  • Add bluetooth on the 9x, and then design smartphone GCS station.
  • USB connection (or bluetooth as above) from 9x (Smartieparts board?) to laptop in the field, for on the fly updates.
  • PC-based PPM encoder to FrSky directly.  You could then fly exclusively via joystick and not need a TX at all.  This capability exists already, just with the more expensive Xbee link. 

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