Turning copter with python scripts

I'm trying to turn my copter using a python script, but the copter is not turning.

Script.SendRC(3,1450,True) #throttle
Script.SendRC(4,1750, True) #yaw
while(cs.yaw < 300):
    print cs.yaw

It stays in the while loop forever because it is not turning, so does someone know how to make it turn?

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  • Hi Bob,

    can you please tell me on which air frame you mounted your APM?? also can you please tell me the web page where I can get the above mentioned python scrip?


    • The frame depends on your application, so I don't think knowing what frame I used will help you, but we used a vulcan octaframe.

      I made that code myself.

  • You should monitor the yaw value in the while loop to see if it is changed or not. If it is not changed, may be another value for throttle and/or yaw PWM should be set.

    • Actually the problem was that the scripts won't make the copter turn unless it is in the air, but I was testing on the ground. But it actually worked in the air.

      • So how did you check whether the copter was actually in the air or not? I'm a bit curious.

        • I think you misunderstood?

          The first time I tried it, I ran the script while the copter was on the ground, and manually turned the copter, but didn't notice any difference in motor pwms.

          Later, I actually flew it in the air first, and then ran the script, which actually made it turn.

          • Thanks for your explanation. Now I understand.

            In fact, you have suggested me one good way to check if the drone starts leaving the ground. It can be done by monitoring the yaw.

            • Shouldn't you check the altitude instead to tell if it leaves the ground?

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