Just updated to 2.7 on my Y6. However, I still seem to have this random issue where the mag (DIYDrones HMC5883L) fails to init when I hook the battery up.  In mission planner I get a slow rotation of heading which does not respond to the heading of the multicopter rotation and the attitude feedback is very sluggish on the hud.  If I unhook and reconnect it comes good again (sometimes).

It's a real pain to have the laptop / xbee on hand when I go out for a fly to see if it has failed to init the mag when I turn it on.  Board is the APM 1 2560.

In this state the mag is just giving me zero on it's X,Y,Z.  The fact that it sometimes works indicates the mag is ok.  It's soldered directly onto the four pins of the IMU with a double sided foam tape to space it away for the electronics below it.

I though it may have been interference from the Attopilot 90A sensor however it seems to still randomly fail to init with it disconnected.

Question- should Mission Planner show the correct heading/attitude as soon as I turn on the multicopter and connect to the xbee com port, or is it only supposed to come good after arming?  Does a GPS Fix have anything to do with this?  What should I expect to see?

I have seen it come good a couple of times after arming but this is also random.  Most times I do need to kill the power and connect again for the Y6 to be flyable.

This was the main reason I gave this board a break for a long time and tinkered with a MultiWii controller.  Really disappointed that the updated software does not seem to correct this.  Starting to think something is a amiss with either the mag or the IMU board. 

I'll clear all the onboard log files and run some tests again to record what happens when it starts and post the log files to see if anyone can spot anything out of the ordinary.



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