Solved by changing PC and USB port. 4 of 6 ports caused this error.

Mission Planner 1.2.53 (latest)

APM 2.5.2

OS: Windows XP

All drivers downloaded, installed and checked just before the test. APM moved to COM4.

After uploading different firmwares got this message: "upload succeeded but verify failed", each time with different byte addresses. Tried on two laptops with total of 6 usb ports. Only 2 ports continuosly upload without errors. Others fail.
 They fail only in MP upload. Mouse and generic Arduino uploads appear to be flawless.

I think this behavior must be noted in the manual so users will have in mind that they better have more than one computer on hand before working with Ardupilot.

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  • Developer

    this will be a usb power issue, or linked to the usb cable being used

  • Same thing just happened to me.  I haven't tried pushing it via Arduino yet, but I'll be glad to give it a shot.  Never heard of mouse... is that another programmer?  Briefly searching for it didn't reveal what I was hoping to find lol

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