Uploading to Pixhawk from APM


Putting together a new Flip FPV Pro G. Trying to upload Arducopter 3.15 to Pixhawk using APM Planner on a MAC.  Upload seems to go fine.  I then get the musical tone followed by to beeps. 

In APM I can't seem to get to where you calibrate the compass and continue.  The orange b/e light on the Pixhawk is blinking steady.

Under initial setup, all it shows is Install Firmware and 3D Radio.

What am I missing?


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  • You need to connect to the Pixhawk via either usb or 3DR radio before you'll be able to see the hardware setup options. 

    • Thanks Johann.  Connecting by USB or telemetry I wasn't getting the Mandatory Setup menu.

      I did find hmc5883 calibrate failed error on the SD card and discovered I had connected the 3DR GPS with the 5 pin instead of 6 pin cable.  Those tiny cable all look alike.

      Problem solved.  Thanks.

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