URGENT Parts List for DJI F550 (hexacopter) running Pixhawk

looking for someone to look over our parts list for a project due in 3 weeks! FYI we've ordered everything on this list already...but still we'd need some help!

We tried to find arducopter hexacopter kit but could not find any (sold out or in Europe). So our last resort was to buy parts separately, due to our deadline. I'm sure we are missing some connectors and parts, etc. any help is appreciated!

Note: we've been lurking on a lot of forums and I know everyone recommends a quadcopter as a first drone build but please don't tell us to build a quadcopter!

Please check our understanding:
- the DJI has the power distribution board built in on the frame --> no need to buy PDB + connectors
- no need for BEC with the pixhawk
- no need to install a custom mount for the pixhawk on the dji frame
- what battery charger would you recommend for us?

Thanks in advance!!!

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The BOM looks good. Understanding is good too. Pixhawk is an excellent system.

I've had good results with the following charger


The Pixhawk mounting foam is for all drones. One pad on each corner of the FC. Do you have the user manual for the Pixhawk system?

The "built-in" PIDS in Mission Planner for a hexacopter may work okay initially. May need/want to tune them once flying.

Hope this helps a bit.

Thanks a bunch for your quick reply David!!!

Do you have recommendations for which parts to get spares for?

Extra propellers and battery.
Have you selected a receiver and controller?

Is the telemetry kit we bought sufficient as the receiver? We have ground and air modules. The link for quick reference: https://www.amazon.com/YKS-Telemetry-915Mhz-Pixhawk-Quadcopter/dp/B...

My understanding is that with this telemetry kit, I can plug in the ground station module (via USB) to my laptop and control my drone with my laptop. the kit includes an air module (the receiver, I believe?). Therefore no need for an additional remote control and receiver if we're using Pixhawk.

We're also unfamiliar with this so your help is greatly appreciated.

David Eagle said:

Have you selected a receiver and controller?
The telemetry system transmitter provides flight data to Mission Planner (for example) via the ground receiver.

You will need an on-board receiver to actually control the hexacopter. The FrSky D4R-II is a PPM receiver that costs about $25.

I use the FrSky Taranis plus controller. It's pricey (about $200). You can probably find a cheaper controller on the forums. The controller that came with the 3DR IRIS+ works too.

The one of the parts in the Amazon link is a telemetry transciever, so it transmits and receives onboard the drone. The transceiver has a pin header. Also saw "Configurable duty cycle" so I was assuming it replaces the PPM receiver as shown in the graphic: http://ardupilot.org/copter/_images/Pixhawk-Inforgraphic2.jpg

What is this on-board receiver that I need (in addition to the telemetry kit) controlling?

Sorry if these questions are unclear, and I really appreciate the help!!

The PPM receiver interprets the controller radio commands (throttle, pitch, yaw and roll) to control the individual ESCs which in turn provide the correct voltage to the corresponding motor.

This is illustrated on the right hand side of the Pixhawk jpg. A PPM receiver eliminates the sum device and uses a single wire connection to the Pixhawk.

I see, I'm missing the PPM sum receiver, an on-board radio receiver, and a remote controller. Is there anything specific I should look for in these items to ensure it is compatible with my Pixhawk, and compatible with each other?

Alternatively, would I be able to omit the remote controller, and instead use a keyboard/gamepad? Or is the remote controller absolutely necessary?

The controller is a radio transmitter that sends signals to a PPM or SBus receiver. If either type of receiver is used, you do not need a PPM encoder. A PPM receiver plugs into the RC IN port. An SBus receiver plugs into the SBUS port on the Pixhawk.

As I mentioned before, I know that a FrSky D4R-II PPM receiver will work with the pixhawk. This receiver is installed in the 3DR IRIS+ which uses the Pixhawk FC. I know the Taranis transmitter will work because I use it with several of my PIxhawk-based drones. Also, the transmitter that comes with the IRIS+ will work. I believe the IRIS+ transmitter is also manufactured by FrSky, model FS-TH9X, PCM1024.

If you use an SBus receiver, the transmitter must be compatible with the receiver.

Would this be an appropriate Tx/Rx kit? So we'd just get this and not need a PPM encoder?


Actually I'd probably need a PPM encoder for that kit.

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