Using ground stations to upgrade Pixhawk Mini firmware

Hi all, 

I have bought my first drone for a computer science project, and am struggling to get the transmitter to talk to the flight controller. I am using an f550 hexacopter, pixhawk mini v1.0, Flysky FS-i6x tx and flysky ia6b rx.

Using qgroundcontrol, if pixhawk is already plugged in with usb to the laptop, I can go to the radio section, but it is unresponsive to any changes I make with the tx when it asks to move the left . the rx has a solid red light and the tx has the rx icon in the top right too, so I am pretty sure they are paired, but I also have no idea what im doing so could be wrong! I have also tried rebinding them to no avail. If I go to the firmware section of qgroundcontrol, and unplug the pixhawk, then it asks me to plug in your device via usb to start firmware upgrade. I if then plug it back in, qgroundcontrol crashes completely.

Using ardupilot mission planner's setup wizard, i've clicked hexacopter, and selected com7. It then says "You appear to have a bootloader with a bad pid value, please update your bootloader." It then says I have 30 seconds to unplug , press ok, and replug the pixhawk. If I do this, it instantly says "error uploading firmware." If I unplug, replug and then press ok only after the pixhawk has stopped flashing red/blue and gives a beep, it says scanning comports, and then after a while says "error uploading firmware."

Hopefully this is the right forum to ask this in, hopefully someone can help! I've heard other people with similar issues with the pixhawk mini, who have gone about flashing the firmware manually, but I am unsure how to do this. I would also consider upgrading to pixhawk / pixhawk 2.0, though I was trying to save money with the pixhawk mini v1.0 as I do not require gps etc. (I hope to have the flight controller communicate with a raspberry pi and work out where to fly to with the camera).



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I got the same problem. Any solution yet ?

I got the non-mini Pixhawk in the end, connects just fine. Sorry I cant really give you better news than that

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