I'm branching out trying to understand all the functions of the Mission Planner so I might better take advantage of it's capabilities. I have been searching for an answer to the question of how to create a mission that will loop either 'X' times, or in this case an infinite number of times, and as of yet I haven't found a concise answer.

The two things I find in common with all the references I've found have been the use of the DO_JUMP command and the use of a 'Dummy Way-point'. As I understand it, it's fairly straightforward to understand what to do for 'X' number of repeats of the DO_JUMP command, you simply enter a number equal to the number of times you want the event to repeat. Also if you want it to repeat forever, as is the case here, you assign a value of -1.

There are two aspects which I am unclear about; the fields for Lat, Lon, and Alt are blank in the DO_JUMP command, presumably because this is a command to be applied not to a specific way-point but rather to the mission as a whole, and the second thing is the creation of a dummy way-point after the DO_JUMP command.

In the attached mission file, I have created a 4 way-point mission followed by a DO_JUMP command set to jump to way-point 1 and which repeats forever. Lastly I have created a 'Dummy Way-point' following the DO_JUMP command.

If the mission is setup correctly what I expect is that it will fly way-points 1-4 then jump back to way-point 1 and fly the mission again where it will again hit the DO_JUMP command and start all over again.


1) Could someone confirm that I have this setup correctly?

2) Why is the Dummy Way-point necessary?

3) Totally off the subject but does anyone know what ROI stands for in the Mission Planner?


Nathaniel ~KD2DEY

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1) Yes it's correct, if you highlight the DO_JUMP command the only two parameters to change are the waypoint number to jump to and the number of times to repeat the loop.

2) Not sure, there was some explanation but I don't recall it now

3) Region Of Interest

Thanks Graham! Hopefully someone else can benefit from this post while trying to understand the DO_JUMP command.


Nathaniel ~KD2DEY

Great advice.

I'm having some trouble, whenever I set a dummy WP after my DO_JUMP command I get GPS Coordinates and an altitude. If I try to set my dummy WP to 0 in the GPS Coordinate, than I get a WP near Africa as this is 0 Lat 0 Long. I just can't seem to simply add a dummy WP.

I'm using MP 1.3.37, have things changed in this release that I don't know about?

It turns out the Dummy WP is no longer needed after the DO_JUMP command. It was apparently a bug that has been squashed.
I flew my plane today with no Dummy WP after the DO_JUMP command and the plane flew the loop continuously. I took off in Auto with the TAKEOFF for WP1. It went into it's loop with no issues, I let it fly around in the loop for while. Then I took the plane out of Auto and flew it around in FBW-A and Manual mode with no issue. After (during the same flight) I put the plane back into Auto and the plane continued with the DO_JUMP Auto mission until I too it out of Auto and landed it.

No need for the Dummy WP, Bugs been squished.
DO_JUMP command works great.

Yes, you are correct, the dummy WP issue has long since been resolved. These posts are from 2013.

DO_JUMP IS OK from MissonPlanner 1.3.5

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