I have a pressure sensor connected to an Arduino via I2C. I may add other sensors as well. But anyways, I also plan to connect the Arduino to the Pixhawk via I2C. How can I view the pressure sensor data at the ground station (laptop)? Can it be sent through telemetry from the Pixhawk? If so, how do I make the Pixhawk read the data from the Arduino?

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Sounds like the best solution for you is to inject the data right into the mavlink stream.

Have you made any progress on this topic?  I would like to do the save with a VOC air quality sensor through the Pixhawk to ground station.  Very interested on how that would be done.

No I didn't complete this task. It was a team project and we had gotten into other issues that we had to resolve. This was an additional option that we were trying to add in.

That would be a nice feature to integrate in a future Arducopter/Arduplane release. Currently to my knowledge (which can be incomplete) there is no way to do this, except if you have developer's skills to modify and program the Arducopter code.

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