Vortex 700

Vortex 700 First Flight



700 Class Trex Build (Flight Video to come still in editing)

My friend and I are in the process of building a Traditional Heli. I would love to get feedback from the community.

The Vortex 700 is a Traditional style Helicopter UAS designed with Police forces and Search and Rescue in mind.  The Vortex 700 can be equipped with a variety of payloads depending upon the mission.

The Vortex 700 is designed around the Align Trex 700 Dominator mechanics, a proven, reliable helicopter.

The Vortex 700
Length:  53 in.
Height:  22 in.
Width:  8 in.
Main Rotor Diameter: 62 in
Empty Weight: 9 lbs.
Calculated Flight endurance: 30-45 min
Range:  2 miles (C2 Link depended) 
Payload: 4 lbs
Auto Pilot: PixHawk from 3D Robotics



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  • the 700 is alive again after a landing gear failure and blade strike. 

    test flew it last Sunday and i plane to complete the fine tuning this coming weekend. I will report the results. 



  • Recently fitted a Brushless gimbal. Here is the first flight with it mounted. I still have a bit of dampening to play with. It is a little too soft for the set up.

    • I'm curious if you are going to be building this craft for resale or just for operating?  I've just been getting into apm controlled quads and airplanes for mapping purposes but here in Northern Canada, I don't think there is a better platform than a heli.  Will this kind of system become plug and play, something that can be learned yourself, or is it too dangerous for that?

      • We have discussed resale on this platform. If you are interested we are willing to work this out for you. PM me if you would like to discuss this more. 

        I can build it as a RTF system and including training in the cost. 

        Visit our site:



  • Telemetry file from most recent test flight:

    2015-02-09 18-01-55.rlog

    2015-02-09 18-01-55.tlog

    • I have re uploaded the correct file. 

      Sorry about that.

      2015-02-09 18-03-59.bin

      • So I have a couple questions about your Vortex 700 setup:

        1) Are you using the Pixhawk F/C in lieu of the 3GX or Gpro F/C that came with the TREX 700?

        2) Did you ever fly the Vortex 700 before using the Pixhawk?

        3) Was tuning the Pixhawk with the Vortex 700 difficult?  Is it better to start out with a standard flight controller such as Align's 3GX or GPro to learn about flight characteristics, or better to just start with the Pixhawk?  My experience with the Pixhawk on a Multi-rotor was quite a learning curve (tuning / various settings) even after using a NAZA V2.  I think I would have struggled A LOT more with the PIX had I not understood the flight characteristics of a mutli-rotor from a simpler system like the NAZA V2.

        4) Is your heli an electric?

        Thanks for any insight.

        • 1: Yes

          2: No

          3: Yes, If you have no experience flying a Helicopter, yes. But it will not aid in tuning the Pixhawk.

          4: Yes

          You Welcome. Feel free to PM me with any specifics. 

  • Update on Vortex 700. It is now Vortex 700XL. I installed the 800 stretch kit. 

    We also installed a brush less go-pro gimbal for HD video on board. 3701933632?profile=original

  • Here is a new Promo Video we put together. We are still editing a longer one. 

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