• Yep!

      That will be great fun.And I am working on it .When I finish it I will share it with you. 

  • Moderator

    I have been experimenting with this and APM for some time.  The conclusions I have come to are that it will require 2 APM's or we'll just have to wait.  I am going to test fly shortly with DRIFT mode, and some servo mixing.  

    • Hi Bill

      If I shut down the APM when I my Arducopter to a plane ?That mean I do not use the APM when I fly my plane.Can that work?

  • Per definition its already in ArduCopter and tradheli, is it rover firmware you think about ? :)
    • Oh no Andre K

      What I want to make is according the V-22 Osprey.The VTOL mode is to change the Arducopter to a plan.Do you get that?

      • I knew you meant arduplane, but you said APM, so I joked.
        There's some work in that direction, but not in master yet.
        And I doubt the code will run on APM, Pixhawk will most likely be a minimum.
        In the meantime, check papparazzi project.
        • I know Andre K

          I know the flash of APM is not enough.

          So plan A: I want to shut down the APM when I fly as a plane .That means there is only one algorithm in my board.

          plan B:add a arduino board to my APM to help maki this through.

      • It include run two srevos and change the speed of two motors.

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