Vtx 5,8Ghz 200mW vs GPS signal

Hello guys!

I discovered that when I turn on the Vtx (Boscam 5,8Ghz 200mW), the GPS (u-blox cn-06) lost the satellites, and when I turn off the Vtx the GPS recover the satellites. Any Idea? How to fix that?

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  • 12" or better separation is good, both vertical and horizontal. You can use aluminum tape or copper tape or electronics project PCB with the single or double sided copper coating board undeneath the pod or module,....  mount it higher than carbon fiber props as well if you are using.

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    • 12"!!! thats HUGE! I have a copter that is only 12" motor to motor.

      electro field strength is proportional to 1/r^2. 12" separation would mean 1/144, and would reduce interference (if any) by two orders of magnitude. just having 3.16" of separation would make any interference 1/10 of what it would be if the two sources were in the exact same location.

      if you are going to use any metallic shielding, grounding it will do far more to reduce interference.

  • meh. You shouldnt have much interference. looks like the GPS operates at either ~1.5 GHz or ~1.2GHz. That is not near the 5.8 nor is it a sub harmonic. there must be something else going on. how long have you let the two systems sit powered on together? does the GPS regain sats if the vtx is left on long enough?


    you could also try a some ground plane shielding under your GPS. I made one out of aluminum and grounded it to the ground of the whole copter.


  • You need to put your VTX and GPS and Reciever as far apart as possible.

    Additionally, put your GPS and ESCs or mainly a UBEC (if this is what you are using for powering your board) as far as possible from each other. Anything that can create a large electromagnetic field will be trouble.

    The problem you are mentioning is purely based on GPS inteference from the VTX - so the best solution is to move them far apart. 

    You could try changing different channels for VTX but this won't solve your problem if they are too close.

    Try to keep them all about 9-10 cm apart at a minimum. If you can't due to space, then consider creating or buying a backplate for your GPS that will isolate interference - however you will still need to make sure these elements are not close together.


    PS: It should be obvious by now the implications of not putting your gear far apart when you are already in the air. (Lost/fly away plane/quad)


  • Yikes! I have the same equipment. It's not set up yet, going to try and get it going this weekend. I'll let you know if I have any issuse.

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