Can you please help me find a drone that can is under the budget of $300 that has smooth stable flight. It has to be FPV as well.


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Yeah the drone its self no problem, but you might need a transmitter.

My first real quad was the blade 200qx. Its a fun fast flyer.

i was thinking maybe the walkera qr x350 fpv, i might stretch my budget 

To be realistic, $ 300 won't cut it, especially for true FPV. [First Person View]

The quad you mentioned (walkera qr x350 fpv) is over that amount as it is, plus you have to add the cost of the GoPro that it is intended to carry.

And, since a GoPro is not an FPV camera (video lag), a video camera is needed (they recommend the Walkera iLook HD FPV camera)

Plus you will need an A/V transmitter and receiver, and some kind of display or headset.

Replacement LiPo batteries and a good charger (the included charger only outputs 0.8A and so for a 5.2AH battery could take up to 7 hours to charge!) which will also add to the bill.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but true FPV requires a bit more of a commitment.

I saw one on amazon that had the had the devo f7, the drone and the ilook camera with the walkera qr x350 pro fpv on it for US$499

But thanks for the help though

You didn't say what you were planning on using it for, but there are $300 systems out there RTF including 5.8 ghz vtx, controller and monitor included. The question always is: how much do you want to spend?

Heck, I just bought a JXD 509G to zip around the back property. $80 RTF. It's for those days I just want to sit in the lawn chair and enjoy. It actually will fly well over 100m. I bought some larger mah batteries to strap on the camera body for longer flight times. 

Here's a neat little project; surely doesn't cost $300

Then there's this, my next project:

The big stuff is neat, but good to take a break and just have some fun.

That Eachine Racer is a really good deal.

do you mean by the eachine racer 250 fpv one?

Yeah. You get the quad, transmitter and FPV. Its everything you need for CAD$400.

cool thanks, im still looking though, thats on my hit list up at the top at the moment.

i heard about the dji f450, is that any good? or maybe the f550, i saw an f450 for US $267.59, is it worth it?

I agree with Richard you won't find a quality drone for 300. I got this new drone called the hoverdrone360 for 499 and it does just about every the high dollar ones will. Plus it came with a gimbal and camera. I got an Iris+ for around 600 and it didn't come with a gimbal or camera. Which both can be kinda pricey.

Thanks i'll search that one up. Might be another possibility

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